“Chapter 0”

“Attention, the Crystal Gateway is about to shift to Heit. Please ensure all property going to Heit is within the yellow line.” A feminine voice echoes throughout the room. People crowd around as a soft humming is heard above. Looking up, you see a gigantic purple crystal giving off a soft light. The voice continues, “Shifting in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

From the crystal overhead, beams of purple light arc down, connecting with the floor where the yellow line creates a large circle. The beams spin around you, faster and faster until, suddenly, they just stop.

“Welcome to Heit,” you hear a masculine voice echo. The crowd begins to disperse and you can see you are no longer in the city you left from. Glancing above, the large crystal is now blue. “Attention. The next scheduled shift is to Tetra Nova in ten minutes.”

You’ve come to Heit because you were hired by the Westminster Group to locate a missing artifact that was last seen on this island. How would you like to start your investigation?

Where to?