Chapter 0 – Part 3

You’re not sure what has you more confused; the mention of a knife you don’t remember or that you don’t recognize this Melody. You pause a moment while you think back through all the different Melodys you’ve met over the years and are positive the one in front of you is new.

“Both, actually,” you lie; you know better than to pass up any opportunity for information, even if it’s not related to something you’re currently looking for. More often than not, the Underground knows something you don’t, so why not say yes?

Melody smiles and looks up at you, pushing her chair back and standing up. She walks over to a cabinet along the far wall and opens one of the drawers. “It’s been here for a while, we’re shocked you haven’t picked it up sooner.”

She pulls out a manila envelope and closes the drawer. Sitting back down at her desk, she motions for you to sit at one of the two visitor’s chairs and pulls out a small, simple dagger. It would be entirely unassuming if not for the ruby that was almost glowing embedded into the hilt. Melody gives the dagger a quick once-over, nods in satisfaction, and sets it on top of the envelope before pushing it across the table to you. “So, what can I do for you today?”

“I’m currently looking for an amulet that has gone missing. Most people call it ‘Llyan’s Legacy.’ Wondering if there’s any talk about it.” You lean forward, reaching out and picking up the dagger by the hilt. It’s warm to the touch, as if there is heat coming from the ruby.

“Ah, Llyan the immortal. I can see, one moment.” Melody brushes the hair back from her face and places a finger on a small obsidian stone embedded into her temple, the expression on her face fading to a blank stare. You’re used to this though, she’s talking with others linked like she is. You look away and at the dagger instead. It’s a bit dull, but judging from the heat it’s giving off, you’re not too worried about the blade not being effective. You are about to start looking at the ruby when Melody speaks up.

“Looks like there’s conflicting information out there.” You can tell she’s still connected to her peers since her eyes seem blank and unfocused. “There’s a group of mages that supposedly purchased it at an auction here in Heit just a few days ago.” She’s grabbed a piece of paper and is writing things down as she speaks. “Although, around the same time, there’s also a museum that says it was donated and is will be putting it on display, they are on Daemear.”

Melody’s hand drops from her temple and she focuses her gaze on you. “Two leads are better than none, I suppose.” she says with a smile.

“What do I owe you?” You ask as Melody sets her pen down and folds the piece of paper in front of her. She picks it up and hands it to you.

“Bring that dagger back when you’re done with it. We have someone else interested in it.”

You nod and pocket the piece of paper, then place the dagger in your pack. Standing up, you give a small bow in appreciation. “Thanks for the information.” Melody waves and then turns her attention to the paperwork she was working through when you arrived.

You have three options in front of you. The paper Melody provided has the location of both parties, the Museum and the Mages. You also have the previous owner of the amulet you can speak with.

Where to?

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